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In the Modern Era, it is not possible for one to survive without Information Technology, one is bound to feel a void in their lives. IT is the most essential service required in all professions & Education sector & its support is too immense. Introducing IT in Education would make our tasks accomplish easily & effectively. Our service, iStudyApp acts as a catalyst in increasing standards of the Education System. It will be a revolution in the Higher School, Graduate and Post-graduate education all over India.

Maintain Educational Profile of Student

iStudyApp provides you a platform where you can maintain educational profile of student from the day they join institute untill they passout from your institute. At the end of their study they will have their entire educational profile, ready to be used at various places.

Attendance, Results & Calendar

Students can access their attendance report, examination & test results, unified calendar integrating college, class & personal calendar etc. at one place. Analyse their progress using our analytical tools. Parents can access all this features on behalf of their children. So they get everything that is required at one place.

Learn topics with our Video Learning Hub

Learn various topics and subject with the help of videos available in our Video Learning hub. So learning a topic / subject is just a few clicks away. You also get videos on latest trends / concepts or ideas, which matters for your overall development & knowledge development.

Knowledge Hub

Students can access all the study materials either in the form of pdf, doc or pptx format or video, web article, audio note etc. from Knowledge hub, subject wise. While distributing study materials becomes much more easier for Faculties then ever before, just few clicks away.

General Knowledge for all

Students can browse various General Knowledge topics from the application and can gain knowledge on various topics and subjects like Games, History, Vehicles, Animals, Birds etc. with a proper reference and excellent image representation of the data.

Get Institute updates

With the help of iStudyApp Students, Faculties & Parents get instant updates on Institute. Students can get realtime update on News, Notices, Events & Calendar events on all of their devices, with the help of PUSH notifications. Hence we ensure that you never miss any of the updates that matters.

Easy communication between Students, Professors & Parents.

iStudyApp provides a platform where Students, Professors & Parents can communicate with each other quite easily. Professors can forward student performance report, views on student etc. directly to their parents. While facility to send interpersonal message will be available too.

All entities brought together

iStudyApp brings all entities, involved in education at one place. All of them have real time updates of system via notification, reports & message etc. Parents get updates on their belonging's performance & activities. Professor have access to anayltical tool for analysing student profile and performance & reporting the same to parents. Students get real time updates from Institute & class, so that they don't miss something that matters. Institute has all details with them.

Online Lectures*

iStudyApp gives an option to the educational institutes, that they can facilitate their students with live online lectures. The lectures taken, can be stored on cloud & can be accessed later on by the students at their convinience. Hence students will never miss any topic or subject taught in the classroom.

SMS Notification Service*

iStudyApp gives an option to the educational institutes & parents for sending / receiving SMS alert or Notification on various events like Student is absent, Result announcement, Warning given to student etc. directly on mobile phones of parents.

Cloud Computing & Storage*

iStudyApp offers you power of Cloud Computing technology to Store, View & Edit all of your academic files on your personal cloud space. You can also share the files with anyone within your institute, so your files moves with you wherever you go.

Call Notification

iStudyApp introduces call notification technology to notify important notices and circulars to parents and students using smart IVR technology. Institute has to simply publish result, notice, news etc. on our application and our system will generate call notifications automatically to all concerned entities. Send result on phone to the parents for the first time in history using our technology.

Library Management

iStudyApp offers Library management module to institutes. Through this module you can manage your library in our app and it helps students to be updated with the availability of several books in library. They can reserve the book for them for particular dates while can stand in online queue for the book and gets notified when the book is available in Library. This simplifies the entire library management process from book issueing to book reception and reservation for book.

Career Charter

iStudyApp offers career charter specially designed for school students to help them decide their career path. The career charter will explore all available career options that are available for students and what all preparations are required for the same. This will help them in planning for their career well in advance.

Bio-Metrics System

iStudyApp offers great flexibility to institute of using Bio-Metric devices for time attendance of their faculties & students in the app itself. Hence a great powerful application gets support from traditional bio-metrics system for making the entire system more effective.

RFID System

iStudyApp offers the latest RFID technology for attendane and tracking purpose. Use the latest & modern technology for managing attendance of the students & faculties. Adopt the smart way to implement control over the movement of your students.

Smart Card System

iStudyApp offers option of SMART Card technology. Which can be used to give exclusive access to some part of institutes to the card holder. The card will hold users information whcih can be used for verification purpose, attendance purpose etc. Hence a step ahead in authentication process.

Use APP on all of your devices.

* Optional Service, available at additional cost to institute.